AMAZING skinny recipes…

… courtesy of Gina at She posts the most delicious looking low fat recipes that I think y’all will like.
I have no clue how many ww points any of these recipes are, but not everyone is on that diet so this is still a great reference.

If you cook anything from her website please let me know how it tastes!





Been a while. Sorry about that! I fell off the wagon for a week and felt too ashamed to post anything. How can I post about motivation and will power when I was eating mango ice cream? Needless to say, I’m back. I hope I’ve gotten it out of my system. My husband has hidden the scale so I can give myself a week or so to get back to where I was and not get depressed 😛 Anyway, I got my butt back into gear by looking at old pictures of myself where I was much heavier. This kick in the gut featured prominently in my “Get back on the diet, you don’t want to look like this again” photo album:

Anywho, I went to the store today to buy some more pork roasts and I came upon some pretty yummy low point candies that I’d like to share. Some of these I think I may have pictured before, so they may be repeats, but I found a really awesome little gem during my browsing.




These are all pretty standard fare in my candy jar, except for these little guys. They are a whopping 5 candies for 2 points. I’m not kidding. I stopped in the middle of the aisle with like ten people behind me when I realized this so I could do my calculations again.

*Not pictured: Me with like ten of these stuffed in my mouth.


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