Low Point Meal Ideas!

Hey y’all! I’ve been super busy lately with my job starting up, but I haven’t forgotten to take pictures of what I’ve been eating to give y’all ideas.

First, I’m happy to report that after a two week long plateau, my weight has finally dropped again. If you have experienced a plateau, or are experiencing one currently, don’t feel bad! It happens to all of us. Rest assured you’ll get out of it. My only word of advice is to tighten the belt a bit; sometimes plateaus happen because we get a little careless in counting points or maintaining our exercise schedule. If you have problems counting your points, a really helpful tip is to keep a journal of what you’re eating every day and how many points each item is. This is doubly helpful because then you have a quick reference for foods you like to eat often. I kept a journal the first six months of my diet and it helped me a lot in regards to staying on track and making sure I didn’t go over my daily point allowance on accident.

I have a dirty little secret though. I am TERRIBLE at exercising regularly. I admit it. I maybe do the elliptical once in a while. If you’re like me, and hate going to the gym, make sure that whatever you do during the day keeps you fairly active. I have a bad habit of sleeping in, and I notice that when I wake up earlier I lose weight faster. Make small changes like taking the stairs instead of the elevator! Every little bit helps. I also work with kids all day, so that tends to help.

So here are some meal ideas for y’all:

If you are in a rush one morning and don’t have time to cook a breakfast, either grab a fiber one bar or indulge in an 8 point Maple and Fruit oatmeal cup from Mickey D’s. Yup, you read me right. McDonald’s is a dieter’s worst nightmare, but they do offer one item that I get a few times a month. Their oatmeal is pretty good, and it’s great when I’m in a hurry. It’s full of fruits and raisins, which I LOVE. For those of you not on the WW diet, nutritional facts are available on the outside of the cup.

Total Weight Watchers Pointsplus value: 8

I want to apologize in advance for the next pictures. I was so hungry coming home from work that I started eating before I realized that I hadn’t taken pictures of my meal. I tried to get y’all semi decent pictures when I realized


First up is Hummus. For those of you that love hummus, high five. For those of you that don’t, bear with me. I promise you this stuff is delicious. I was SO sure that this food is super yummy that I even fed it to some of the fifth graders I work with. And guess what: they ate it. Proof enough for you? I think so.

Sabra Supremely Spicy Hummus is supremely awesome. For those of you that like a kick to their food, like me, this stuff is amazing. Don’t worry; it isn’t actually supremely spicy. I could probably do with a little more, but it still has that nice after burn to it that I crave.

For those of you that don’t like spicy foods at all, Sabra offers a wide range of flavors. I mean, the super-market local to Florida has an entire section for these babies. And best of all? It’s only two points for two heaping tablespoons.

But what will you eat the hummus with, you ask? Simple: go to the bread aisle of your grocery store and get a package of this:

Super thin slices of crispbread that have delightful undertones of garlic and onion. I absolutely love this brand. It’s perfect for dipping without all the added calories/points of normal chips and breads.

Total Weight Watchers Pointsplus points: 1 point for two slices.

Last, but definitely not least, is the main course. If you haven’t figured this out yet, extra lean pork loins are nomtastic. They average around 1 point per oz., maybe less. The one we had for dinner was a whopping 3 points for 4 oz. Considering I have a 30 point a day allowance, you can see how this is potentially a large portion.

Here’s the brand we bought, but most extra lean pork loins are extremely tasty:

Again, sorry it’s an empty wrapping. I was really hungry o.O

Here’s what it looked like cooked:

This is the portion leftover after my husband and I ate our faces off, so you can see it’s actually quite a large pork loin. It’s great for leftovers when you don’t feel like cooking a low point meal.

Total Weight Watchers Pointsplus value: 3 points for 4 oz.

Whelp, that’s all I have for y’all today! My posts might be coming a little slower now that I’ve got an actual job in the works. Rest assured I brainstorm in my free time about new ideas to share with y’all 🙂


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  1. Michelle
    Oct 28, 2011 @ 14:38:56

    What aisle of the grocery store can you find hummus?


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