I despise peas…

But I love Progresso’s Split Pea soup with Ham. Not to be confused with their Split Pea Soup with Bacon (I really don’t know the difference, but this is the one I’ve tried and enjoyed). It is a remarkably hearty soup that doesn’t really taste like nasty little peas to me. I’ve decided to show y’all which of these “lite” soups I enjoy the most, and this is the first one I will start out with. I enjoyed this soup SO much that Blaine and I went back to the store to buy four more cans of it.

Weight Watchers Pointsplus value: 6 for the whole can.

I wont lie to you. It looks kind of gross, but it tastes great. I add in cracked pepper, salt to taste, and loads of louisiana hot sauce πŸ™‚

With this soup I went ahead and grabbed one of the prepackaged lite Caesar Salad bags from the salad section. This is my favorite salad, even though it is semi-high in points. It is 3 points for every serving, but be forewarned that they consider this bag to be 4 servings total. So either save up your points if you’re a salad hog like me, or make sure you stick to the serving size. I don’t know if croutons are included in the nutritional value, but I always add in one or two as a treat πŸ™‚

Total Weight Watchers Pointsplus value: 3 per 2 cups of salad (and 1.6 tbs of dressing).

On a somewhat related note, when my mother visited she bought us all kinds of cute Halloween decorations. I’ve had an ongoing love/hate relationship with this guy though:

We filled him with peanut butter M&Ms and I’ve been sneaking them every once in a while, which can’t be good. So, to remedy this situation, I filled him chock full of my low point candies so that when I get the urge for something sweet I don’t have to fall back on those dirty little joy filled M&Ms.

Problem Solved!

Be proactive! If you know something is a huge temptation for you, fix the situation! Throw away that chocolate cake. Don’t rationalize it by saying it’s going to waste, if you eat it, then it’s just going to waist! Get it! … Yeah… um anyway, if you know you have a weakness to something, don’t even allow yourself to succumb to it. Remove the temptation! Or, if you have a hungry hungry hippo for a husband, like I do, don’t let him eat it around you. If he does, then treat yourself to a low point popsicle or some frozen gummy bears πŸ™‚ And always remind yourself when you go to bed that if you’ve done well today, then tomorrow you will reap the benefits!


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