Frozen Grapes and Gummy Bears

I don’t know about y’all, but I have a bad habit of not knowing when to stop eating something. I’ll tell myself, “Oh, I’ll just have five gummy bears,” and then end up eating 30. Gummy bears aren’t actually all that bad for you (they’re about 3 points for 17), but anything in excess is no bueno.

So, here’s how I remedied this problem.

Frozen gummy bears! Freezing them makes them harder to just eat one after another, and they last longer. Always measure out your serving size before you eat; never just eat them straight from a bag. Doing so makes you just eat more than you normally would, because you have the whole bag in front of you. Another fun freezing trick is this:

Frozen grapes! I love frozen grapes because they taste like mini popsicles. They’re great on a hot day, but more importantly they limit how much you eat. Grapes are zero points, of course, but the theory behind the idea is still sound! I also put these little duders in drinks to act as ice cubes (I especially love them in sprite zero).

What other foods can you think of that would taste great frozen?


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